We Know: How to Buy a Weight Bench

About Weight Benches

Home gyms can be elaborate or basic. The selection of weight training equipment is limited only by budget, room, and personal needs. Most gym systems allow some degree of flexibility whereby you can either add equipment to it, or you can place different pieces side by side, depending on space availability. Many weight benches are multi-purpose, with some having many more options than other, more basic benches. Verify that you fall within the maximum user weight for a particular machine.

Weight training equipment and benches can often be purchased used with very little wear and tear on them.

Optional Weight Bench Features

Depending on the weight bench, it may have one or more of the following features:

  • Curl handles: Allows you to do curls while on the bench.
  • Leg developer: Most use padded rollers which you use for leg lifting exercises.
  • Bench padding: For comfort and safety.
  • Weight plate bars: Holds the weights. Weights and weight plates are standard or Olympic sized.
  • Contoured armrests: For comfort and safety.
  • Foldable bench: Enables training at various angles as well as a horizontal position.

Weight Bench Models

There are many weight benches available, including these popular models:

  1. Marcy Standard Bench: Adjustable positions. Costs about $100.
  2. Spartan Sports Club Series Flat Bench: Basic bench. Costs about $50.
  3. Bell Fitness Multi-Bench: Adjustable positions. Costs about $70.
  4. Phoenix 226 Lat Tower Power Pro Bench: Costs about $165.
  5. Ironman 3-Station Power Tower: Designed for multiple types of exercises. Costs about $110.

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