We Know: How to Buy Towels

About Towels

The majority of towels are terry cloth weave which is made of loops. The most absorbent and soft towels have long and thick loops. Embellished towels are those that are embroidered. Print towels are simply towels imprinted with a design.

Cotton Grades for Towels

There are three main grades of cotton used for towels:

  • Supima: Soft and long lasting.
  • Standard: Average quality.
  • Egyptian: Best quality.

Towel Sizes

You can buy towels individually, or as part of a set. Sets are usually six pieces and include two washcloths, two hand towels, and two bath towels. These are all the sizes of towels available:

  • Tub mat: Average size is 22" x 34".
  • Fingertip: Sometimes used for decorative touches. Average size is 11" x 18".
  • Washcloths: Average size is 13" x 13".
  • Hand towels: Average size is 16" x 30".
  • Bath and oversized towels: These can also be beach towels. Average size is 28" x 54".
  • Bath sheet: Even larger and more luxurious than oversized towels. Average size is 35" x 60".

Assorted Choices for Towels

There are many sizes and kinds of towels to choose from, and can be purchased individually or as part of a set:

  1. Integrity Cotton Six Piece Towel Set (sold by Target): Sells for about $30.
  2. Espalma 700 Cotton Oversized Bath Sheet: 40" x 70". Sells for about $40.
  3. 100% Egyptian Cotton 725-Gram Six Piece Towel Set: Sells for about $120.
  4. LuxeSPA Allure 100% Turkish Cotton Bath Towel: Sells for about $17.
  5. Bed Bath & Beyond Oversized 40" x 72" Beach Towel: Sells for about $20.

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